Baby, We Help You Go Home

On the grand award-giving ceremony for the persons who moved China in 2015 held on February 14, 2016, Zhang Baoyan and Qin Yanyou couple, founder and chairman of "Baby Home" program funded by SSCLF, received a top award of this event.


 “Baby Home” (“Try to Have Abducted Kids Back Home Earlier”) Volunteers’ Training Session funded by SSCLF-Ivy Public Welfare Fund was held in Nanjing, capital of East China Jiangsu province in November, 2015. This event was supported at the same time by Dream Fund, Ministry of Public Security Criminal Investigation Bureau Anti-Trafficking Office, CCTV Column “Waiting for Me”, UN Anti-Trafficking organization China Project, and China University of Politics and Law International Anti-Trafficking Cooperation Center.  A total of 150 volunteers from East China of the Volunteers’ Association attended the training session.


The Baby home Volunteers Association is aimed at "caring for children and promoting harmonious society". It is mainly to help abducted, lost or abandoned children look for their parents. The Baby home Volunteers Association relies on the Baby Home website (“”) to conduct their work. Its website “” has helped 1,389 kids find their parents since its establishment in 2007. It is the first public website to search for abducted children in China. Though it is a civil organization’s website, but its mission is to trace nationwide abducted children. In close cooperation with the Ministry of civil affairs and the Ministry of public security, it becomes the well-known abducted children- tracing website in China with a complete database and high-efficiency. The Baby home Volunteers Association set up an example to use the network as a platform to coordinate nationwide volunteers to help separated families reunion and to arouse the attention of the whole society to the anti-abduction work through volunteers’ appeal.


In 2016, SSCLF- Han Public Welfare Fund will continue to fund the "baby home" program’s administrative expenses. It is hoped that through our joint efforts, no longer have children lost, more and more abducted children can go home earlier.