SSCLF’s Study Tour to Beijing

A group of ten led by SSCLF’s Secretary General Guan Jianhua traveled to Beijing from Jan. 25 to Jan 28, 2016 to learn from our counterparts while the remaining staff participated in the activities through teleconference in Shanghai. At a meeting before the trip, Secretary General Guan Jianhua stressed the purpose of the trip was to draw on other foundations’ strong points to overcome our own weakness and conducted rational analysis in order to build a learning foundation. A total of six foundations and related organizations we visited are Narada Foundation, Ai You Charity Foundation, China Charities Aid Foundation for Children, Give 2 Asia Foundation China Office, HC Volunteer Center and Yi Mei Media.


During our first stop of the visit to the Narada Foundation, Chairman Xu Yongguang received us and both sides conducted in-depth exploration over how to develop and manage projects for Grant-Making Foundations. Senior project director Song Bo shared with us the whole process of developing the Gingko Project and Jingxing project, respectively funding individuals and organizations. In view of volunteers’ service management and new media spreading operation, along with HC Volunteer Center and IMEI Media, we discussed how to effectively fit to the entire ecological system construction of public welfare and upgrade every aspect of work. Then we paid a visit to the enterprise management type of Ai You Foundation. Both sides exchanged ideas over donors’ information management and human resources training. Secretary General Guan Jianhua also shared with them SSCLF’s strategic planning and practice in the field of public welfare personnel training. On talents demand, Give 2 Asia Foundation China Office Director Ms. Xiao Rong told us that excellent project officials had to have the ability to manage multiple projects, possess advantages of good self planning and management, and professional skill and quality. She also made in-depth analysis of the design concept of the demand oriented projects and introduced in detail how to promote public welfare advisory service. At the last stop of our visit  to China Charities Aid Foundation for Children, Chairman Wang Lin introduced the changing process from the traditional way of funding to the tradition and persuasion combined way of funding. He also shared with us the practice and staged achievements of “Meili Tongyuan” project.


We gained a lot just for three days of study. It’s an important opportunity for whole SSCLF’s staff to work hard and enhance the team capability so as to realize its strategic planning adopted by the SSCLF’s board of directors meeting.




Narada Foundation Chairman Mr. Xu Yongguang


HC Volunteer Center. Wang zhongping


Ai You Foundation


Give 2 Asia China Office Chief Representative Ms. Xiao Rong


China Charities Aid Foundation for Children