Appreciation of Chinese Traditional Music Concert

An appreciation of Chinese traditional music concert was held by the SSCLF at the Astor House Hotel on March 8, 2016, to celebrate the International Working Women's Day. The music master Mr. Fang Jinlong was invited to present a wonderful audio-visual feast for Foundation’s trustees, caring people, partners and volunteers present at the scene.


Mr. Fang Jinlong is a famous pipa player, representative of contemporary five stringed Pipa players. He devotes his life to the promotion and protection of the Chinese national musical instruments playing. And he is not only keen to carry forward the national musical culture, paying great attention to children's national musical education but also actively involved in public welfare undertaking, taking part in the SSCLF’s public welfare activities many times.


At the concert, Mr. Fang Jinlong first played the shakuhachi (a kind of end blown flute), bringing the audience into the world of music, then performed the different Chinese and foreign music with a variety of musical instruments, such as: Xun (an ancient shaped, holed wind instrument), Ruan (a plucked stringed instrument shaped like a full moon), Flute, Guitar, Guqin (a seven–stringed plucked instrument in some way similar to the zither) and nasal Xiao (Young men and women of Li nationality, living in Hainan province, enjoy nostril playing of the musical instrument), accompanied by Fang Jinlong’ s popular and humor explanation, ushered in the audience's applause. While playing his unique five-stringed Pipa, the downpour outside the window and the pipa performance of the music "Pipa language" enhanced each other’s beauty, perfectly interpreting the artistic concept of “the well-proportioned Pipa rhythm resembling pearls falling into a plate of jade clear and elegant”.


SSCLF’s Secretary General Guan Jianhua delivered festival blessing to the participants in her short speech at the beginning of the concert. At the conclusion of the concert, SSCLF Vicee Chairman Zou Wei granted a certificate of appreciation to Mr. Fang Jinlong.