“Love and Hope" Themed Children's Art Exhibition for “Kidnewer” Launched

In commemoration of the tenth “World Kidney Day”, a “Love and" Hope" themed children's art exhibition and charity auction for “Kidnewer” was launched at the atrium of CITIC Square in Shanghai on the morning of March 10, 2016, by China's first pediatric renal transplantation public project co-founded by the Shanghai Soong Ching Ling Foundation (SSCLF) and Zhongshan Hospital affiliated to Fu Dan University.


The exhibition will last 4 days with 66 pieces of themed “Love and Hope” paintings created by 60 little painters. A charity auction is to be held at the exhibition at 2 o’clock on the afternoon of March 13. All the funds raised at the exhibition will be used for Du Yuhan aged 7 who will receive the operation in Zhongshan Hospital on March 16, the first case of the pediatric renal transplantation public project.


Shanghai TV Station host Ms. Haiyan presided over the launching ceremony. Project love ambassador, famous musician Bao Xiaobo also attended the event in support of the project. The ceremony scene attracted a lot of passers-by’s attention. Among them, Mr. Zhang donated rmb 200,000 yuan for the surgery costs of Kidney Transplantation for Du Yuhan with Uremia. Zhongshan Hospital vice president Zhu Tongyu, SSCLF’s vice chairman Xie Lijuan and Zou Wei, and SSCLF secretary general Guan Jianhua were present at the ceremony. At the launching ceremony, Xie Lijuan said I hope more and more people will lend their helping hands to help the sick children with uremic. And visitors are welcome to mark and buy their favorite paintings for the sick children to have pediatric renal transplantation.


The Public Welfare Project of “Kidnewer" -- Kidney Transplantation for Children with Uremia", the first such project in this field in China, was founded by the SSCLF and the Zhongshan Hospital affiliated to Shanghai's Fu Dan University. The purpose of the project is to arouse the whole society’s concern and attention to sick children with uremic and enable doctors to save the lives of more children with uremia through kidney transplantation. And by providing certain financial support, the uremic children can have more chances to receive renal transplantation so as to improve their quality of life and promote their healthy growth. On the other hand, it is a kind of emotional sustenance for those parents who have lost their children due to the accidents to donate their children's kidneys to the children with uremia to have kidney transplantation. It’s the transfer of love and the continuation of life.