Pediatric Clinical Skill Training Program for Local MCH Hospitals’ Doctors and Nurses

"Local Hospitals’ Pediatric Clinical Skill Training" Public Welfare Program organized jointly by SSCLF’s Lu Jiexian and Gao Wenying Special Fund and Zhejiang University was held at the Children Hospital affiliated to Zhejiang University Medical School from March 17 to March18. Aided by SSCLF’s Lu Jiexian and Gao Wenying Special Fund, 63 core doctors and nurses from county and district maternity and child health hospitals (MCH hospital) in Zhejiang Province and Huangshan City of Anhui Province have the opportunity to receive the pediatric clinical skill training given by the experts of the Children Hospital affiliated to Zhejiang University Medical School.


At the training, Chen Shuohui and other nursing specialists gave lectures for the trainees.  The training covers the latest diagnosis and treatment guide at home and abroad and nursing research progress, including practical courses such as pediatric peripheral vein safety management. In order to help the trainees improve their professional nursing skill, the experts instructed them the nursing skill and conducted on-site Q & A in respect to the focus the trainees paid close attention to.


The project, a total of 19 sessions will last three years. All the funded medical workers will receive continuous training, and promise to keep on work in the original hospitals not less than one year after the training. This model of training aims to stabilize local MCH hospitals’ staff and also to enhance local MCH hospitals’ pediatric diagnosis and nursing level. 



The pediatrician instructs 2015 edition of pediatric cardiopulmonary resuscitation for the trainees


The nurse from Zhejiang University Children Hospital explains the focal point of children transfusion for trainees


Trainees learn how to operate cardiopulmonary resuscitation under the guidance of a pediatrician


Group photo of the first training session