One-Yuan-Donation Public Welfare Activity Caring for Children with Autism

The Shanghai Soong Ching Ling Foundation and the American Chamber of Commerce in Shanghai are to raise money for the autistic children’s teachers’ training project being prepared by Shanghai Cao Peng Special Training School. The public welfare activity of one-yuan donation will start immediately.



Project Background

Shanghai Cao Peng Special Training School organized by Shanghai Cao Peng Music Center for autistic children education is specially designed to help autistic children through music training and special education.


Being lack of specialized autism teachers at present, Shanghai Cao Peng Music Center will hire foreign professional teachers and doctors to carry out training programs in August 2016.


In cooperation with Harvard University, the autistic children education teachers’ training project will invite foreign specialized autism teachers to conduct further training for the recruited special education teachers. The project will also introduce foreign autism textbooks, translate and revise them as its special education materials.


In addition, the Shanghai Autism Children’s Special School will set up all kinds of music, dance and other interest groups and its professional teachers will offer interactive tutorial courses for the children with autism.





Shanghai Cao Peng Music Center, initiated and established by Mr. Cao Peng, the famous Chinese conductor and the national level conductor, founded "Angel Zhi Yin Salon", a free public welfare project, serving the autistic children, helping them out of loneliness and into the community through compulsory music training. In 2015, The Shanghai Municipal Education Development Foundation Cao Peng Education Fund established in 2015 is committed to the popularization of music and a special fund for autistic teenagers’ education. 


Donation activity:

In 2016, the Shanghai Soong Ching Ling Foundation and the American Chamber of Commerce in Shanghai invite you to join hands with us to help the autistic children’s project and your donation will be fully used for this project. And your love, many a little makes a mickle, and is the continuation of the power of love. We sincerely invite you to forward the message and make donation. May the music warm you and me, and may the hope continue to spread.


Please sweep the two-dimensional code below, and join the Shanghai Soong Ching Ling Foundation to help the children with autism.