SSCLF Hosts Its Fourth Special Fund Forum

On the afternoon of May 18, the SSCLF hosted its fourth special fund forum in Shanghai. The forum was attended by over 30 representatives from SSCLF’s special funds, donors and volunteers.


At the forum, the representatives of the four special funds respectively shared with all the participants their work with focus on communication and publicity.  Among them were the BEA Public Welfare Fund, MaryKay Thanksgiving Public Welfare Fund, Public Welfare Fund of Safety for Mothers and Infants and Kailong Sustainability Fund.


BEA Special Fund laid focus on subdividing communication channels according to different communication targets. BEA Special Fund representative shared its seven- year implemented project of “Firefly” and newly designed project with all the attendees; MaryKay Thanksgiving Public Welfare Fund made a brief introduction on how to explore the adaptation between company’s public welfare project and company’s core business, and introduce public welfare communication and transparent concept into its sales teams in China, and hence to expand its influence; Public Welfare Fund of Safety for Mothers and Infants effectively expanded over 50 women celebrities team’s public influence and opened a unique path of communication and publicity; and finally Kailong Sustainability Fund continuously adjusted and optimized its project design to promote its communication and publicity. In accordance with their own project missions, project designs, and working approach, each special fund has its clear project orientation and effective operation in communication, thus facilitating the expansion of the project influence. All the attendees considered the forum constructive and beneficial for them to exchange their valuable experience of communication in the implementation of projects.


In order to promote the information exchange among the donors, volunteers and special funds, SSCLF announced its plan to edit and publish its Journal entitled "Spreading of Love" (tentative). SSCLF’s Content Director Zhou Jun said at the end of the forum that it is a quarterly journal, published in the third month. The first issue will be published in late June. The motion received warm response from all the participants who put forward many constructive ideas and suggestions on how to run the Journal well.