Families Participate in "Cheering the Kids on” Public Welfare Activity

A pubic welfare activity entitled "Cheering the Kids on”, sponsored by the SSCLF’s JIA Public Welfare Project was held in the Gu Village Park in Baoshan district, Shanghai, on May 15, the national day of helping the disabled.  


Led by Shanghai beach volleyball coach Yang Jianbin, over 400 families and long - distance runners have participated in this activity and completed 5000 - meter race. A total of RMB 139,728 yuan raised at the event including all the registration fees will be donated to the school for the blind in Shigatse City in Southwestern China’s Tibet Zang Autonomous Region to order school uniforms for their students and purchase Braille typewriters, learning supplies and articles for daily use and help sick kids at the Gannan Orphan School in Northwestern China’s Gansu province. 


That Day, a number of Tibetan children who came to Shanghai to receive medical treatment and recovered well, aided by SSCLF’s JIA Public Welfare Project, came to the scene to provide service as volunteers, and gave performances to "feedback" the caring people. After the race, participating families and Shanghai players Yang Jianbin and Gao Hongxia participated in a series of interactive games at fun sport areas.


Peter, a member of Blind Team of Flying in Backlight, and his father participated in charity run activity.


After completing 5000 - meter race, families received the certificates.


Interactive games enjoyed by kids and Yang Jianbin.


At the start of the running competition