“Bid for Love” Charity Dinner and Auction Concluded
The third session of “Bid for Love” charity dinner and auction sponsored by SSCLF - Kailong Sustainability Fund was held in Shanghai on June 3, 2016. More than 150 people from enterprises, public welfare institutions and caring people attended the dinner, to witness the growth of the company's public welfare fund in order to improve the situation of left behind children in poor rural areas in China.
That night, the song “The Most Beautiful Light” sung by 10 little public welfare angels of Shanghai Xuanqiao Children Art Center, funded by the Kailong Sustainability Fund, started the dinner, expressing their love of life with a childish and wonderful sound.
At the dinner, various forms of live auction, silence auction and charity sales encouraged all the guests to devote their love to social welfare undertakings. Famous artists and caring people from real estate and financial sectors donated their own works of art, and all the guests positively responded. The auction launched a fierce competition. A total of RMB 785, 596 yuan was raised at the dinner. The auction proceeds will go through SSCLF to China Poverty Grant Program and "Farmer Entrepreneurial Relay Baton" project, which are committed to improving the situation of the left behind children in poor rural areas in China. 
In the end, Zheng Ximing, CEO of the Kailong Group, and SSCLF’s overseas director, expressed heartfelt thanks to all the guests and caring people.