SSCLF-Kailong Public Welfare Fund’s Education Aid in Guizhou
The annual student visit activity was conducted by SSCLF – Kailong Public Welfare Fund in Guizhou province from June 25 to 28,2016. A dozen of people from Kailong Co. Ltd., caring people and colleagues of Province Education Development Foundation, accompanied by local schools’ teachers paid visits to the families of some recipients at Gutong Middle School in Majiang County and Ma Hao Middle School in Shibing County, learning on the spot about the living situation of the funded students.
At the donation ceremony held by Kailong Public Welfare Fund just after the visits, 79 junior high school students received the student project funds. And the total amount of RMB 10,010 yuan for student project funds came from "Love City Run”, "Bid for Love” Charity Dinner and Auction organized by SSCLF - Kailong Public Welfare Fund in Shanghai. 
Kailong Public Welfare Fund has positively hosted education aid activities since 2014, and more than 630 students in Guizhou, Guangdong, Henan and Yunnan provinces and other places have received financial aid.