Splendid and Mysterious Songs and Dances Performed by Children from Mountains in Shanghai
On the evening of July 30, 2016, supported by the SSCLF, the 2016 “Minority Children's Summer Talent Show – Songs and Dances of Joys from Mountains” was held at Shanghai Art Theatre. The splendid and mysterious ethnic minority art performances given by 36 children of Yi, Tibetan, Manchu, WA, Mongolia and Oroqen ethnic minorities from six provinces and autonomous regions joined with impromptu performance of Shanghai little audience brought an ethnic minority heritage art feast for Shanghai.
The whole performance consists of 15 programs. These "Minority Children" not only performed folk dances, sang folk songs, but also played their original musical instruments. Children from Dayao Santai Elementary School in Yunnan province performed the Yi folk dance heritage "Meige"; Yi Nationality girl Song Xingli sang Yi song “Ma Me Ruo"; And children from Huma Baiyin Na Ethnic Community in Heilongjiang province staged Oroqen original percussion “Ancient Sound"......  All seats are occupied and the wonderful performances won warm applause from the audience. The children in the audience cheered with fluorescent sticks for the performers on the stage while their parents picked up smartphones to take pictures. The festival makes the children in the city enjoy and understand the musical culture of minority nationalities in China and also makes the children from the mountains be proud of their talent.
From the mountains - Ethnic Minority Cultural Heritage Inherited Children project is to invite local minority art talent inheritors into the campus, set up art communities, teach children to learn the talents and the organizers annually invite outstanding talent community teachers and students to travel to Shanghai to participate in the winter and summer camps to show their distinctive national cultural heritage projects. Since 2012, the project has helped nearly 30 minority schools’ children in six provinces and cities in China to learn the curriculum of ethnic minority talents, so that the children's dreams come true in seeking national roots, inheriting the national "art", and regaining their national pride. National culture inheritance needs long-term influence.  For two years, the project invited local folk artists enter the minority schools to teach children sing national songs, dance national dances and do national arts and crafts, step by step training and upgrading children's interest in their national talents.
So far, the project has carried out “Cultural Tours to the Mountains” 11 times, visited minority villages one by one, staged minority cultural heritage inherited children’s "Talent Show” seven times, striving to help inherit the national art heritage.