“Memory of Violin Playing in Childhood” Concert is Held in Shanghai
As one of a series of activities in celebration of SSCLF’s 30th anniversary and Astor House Hotel’s 170 anniversary, "Unforgettable Memory of Violin Playing in Childhood” Concert by Dr. Huang Xiaojun, famous violinist in Germany, was held at Astor House Hotel in Shanghai on the afternoon of August 17. Attended the gratitude and love themed concert were more than 150 people, including leaders of SSCLF and China Welfare Institute Children’s Palace, people from public welfare sector, music, tourism and hotel industries and Huang Xiaojun’s family and relatives.
Huang Xiaojun was born in Shanghai and learned to play violin when she was very young. In the early 90s of last century, as a violin soloist of Children's Palace Little Companion Art Troupe, Huang Xiaojun visited China Taiwan and Republic of Korea with SSCLF’s and China Welfare Institute groups.  After graduation from the Affiliated High School of the Shanghai Conservatory of Music in 2001, she went to Germany for further study. Then she successively studied under Professor KoljaBlacher, former Berlin Philharmonic chief, Professor Werner Scholz, Germany Symphonie Orchester Berlin and Professor Christoph Schickedanz, Dresden Philharmonic chief. In 2008 she graduated from the National Music Academy in Hamburg, Germany, and she received a master degree of musical instrumental performance and in 2011 won a doctorate degree. 
Before the performances, SSCLF’s vice chairman Ms. Xu Dexin, CWI’s Children's Palace director, Chen Baihua and former CWI Liaison Office director Mr. Jin Shunde, who led two groups to visit China Taiwan and Republic of Korea, met with Huang Xiaojun at the stage and fondly recalled the unforgettable visiting scene.  Mr. Jin Shunde shared the photos taken in 1991 on the trip to Taiwan with Huang Xiaojun. 
Huang Xiaojun have won many awards in the prestigious international violin competitions and performed with a number of musical masters on the same stage. She was praised by French media as "incredible magical female musician from the east ". On the day of the concert, Huang Xiaojun played a series of love themed World Music for the audience, demonstrating her superb performance skills. Harp player, Dr. Zhou Jie made a special trip from Germany to Shanghai for Huang Xiaojun’s accompaniment. Their perfect performances won warm applause from the audience.
The concert is held at Richard Hall at Aster House Hotel
The concert is held at Richard Hall at Aster House Hotel
Huang Xiaojun, a violin soloist, a member of the group led by Jin Shunde in 1991
Mr. Jin Shunde shares the photos taken in 1991 on the trip to Taiwan with Huang Xiaojun
Huang Xiaojun (middle in the front row), Jin Shunde (first on the right)
From left to right: Jin Shunde, Huang Xiaojun, Xu Dexin and Chen Baihua,
Huang Xiaojun is playing the Violin 
Violin and Harp superb performances
Harp Player Zhou Jie
A group photo of Wang Xiaojun and leaders of SSCLF and Astor House Hotel at the end of performances