Two new firefly paradises open in Kaili city, Guizhou province

Two Firefly Paradises, donated by "Firefly" project of SSCLF – BEA Public Welfare Fund were completed and put into use at No. 15 Primary School and Zhouxi Primary School in Kaili City, Guizhou province in September, 2016. 


The Firefly Paradise is a multimedia classroom including computers, network projectors and other advanced audio-visual equipment, also book stacks and new desks and chairs, to help the schools with old and backward teaching facilities in remote areas in China to improve the teaching environment and promote education quality. In addition to the firefly paradises, the public welfare fund also donated more than 1,200 “Firefly 60 Parcels” containing stationeries, dictionaries and other learning supplies to the schools’ students.


It is understood that BEA Public Welfare Fund will also implement its training programs designed specifically for rural teachers and principals. Teachers and principals will be selected from the schools with Firefly Paradises to receive rich and colorful professional training in the provincial capitals every year, to improve their teaching level.