Walk for Love - Smile in Shanghai

A large scale public welfare project held in Shanghai


On the morning of September 24, a large scale public hiking activity -- "Walk for Love - Smile in Shanghai", co-sponsored by the SSCLF, China Lingshan Charity Promotion Association and Lingshan Charitable Foundation, was held in Gulf National Forest Park in Fengxian district, Shanghai. About 800 people participated in the hiking activity and a total of nearly 90,000 yuan was raised at the event. "Walk for Love" public welfare project has been implemented for three years in seven – cities of Xi'an, Chengdu, Nanjing, Zhangjiagang, Changsha,Wuxi and Shanghai . It is the first time for Shanghai to hold "Walk for Love - Smile in Shanghai" themed public welfare activity. The walking intensity in the Shanghai station is divided into two categories of 10 km and 20 km, which one decided by the participants in accordance with their own physical condition.


The "Walk for Love - Smile in Shanghai" public welfare activity requires that every team consists of 4 people walking together and tries to raise not less than 1,000 yuan for 17 public welfare projects in Shanghai through a variety of online or offline ways. After the end of the event on September 24, online fundraising activities will keep on to December 1st. The project follow-up and update progress will also be posted in the official website “Walk for Love”, so that the project will be implemented more transparent.


It is understood that among the participants in Shanghai station, the youngest was five years old, and the oldest 67 years old. Kaimei assets, Chenguang Kelipu and Arvato Digital Technology Company registered for collective participations in the activities in the name of the company.


The purpose of the project is to create charity carnival for the city, merging together “contribution by private persuasions, national fitness and city image communication" through "welfare, hiking and tourism". Shanghai station makes full use of resources to open a series of charity bazaars and interesting activities along the walking paths for the players and their friends to participate in.