Charity auction opens a prelude to the sixth session of “Shanghai Public Partnership Day”

Sponsored jointly by the Shanghai Civil Affairs Bureau, the Shanghai Social Organization Management Bureau and the Shanghai Soong Ching Ling Foundation, a charity auction was held at Astor House Hotel, Shanghai, on the evening of October 27, which opened a prelude to the sixth session of “the Shanghai Public Welfare Partnership Day”. The charity gala collected 12 pieces of auction donated by famous artists Han Tianheng, Cao Anxiang, Fang Jinlong, and public welfare figures Master Zhao Cheng and Yuan Yue, and the units.  With 150 caring people’s enthusiastic participation to witness the event, all pieces of auction were bought by warm-hearted and generous persons. The auction proceeds totaling 1.858 million yuan will be used for all activities of “Shanghai Public Welfare Partnership Day.”


"Shanghai Public Welfare Partnership Day" has become an annual public welfare event in Shanghai since its inception in 2011. The project aims to establish friendly public welfare partnership relations among the government, social organizations, enterprises, media and the public and form social welfare ecological circle with positive energy.  With the formal execution of “Charities Act”, 2016 Shanghai public partnership day comes up with the theme of "Charity with the Same Will, Public Welfare with the Same Action". In the period from October 28th to 30, there are a total of 166 venues of activities, of which the main venue is in Shanghai Xintiandi Public Park including public welfare performances, public welfare markets and forums on public welfare, and other rich and colorful interactive activities. Public welfare “four entries” is an innovation with public partnership day activities entering into the communities, campuses, parks and business districts so as to expand social participation. Therefore, the local residents will be able easily to participate in the public welfare activities, to promote the dissemination of public welfare concept and public culture, and facilitate the healthy and orderly development of social organizations.