2016 “Golden Bull Model Award” promotion conference in Shanghai

2016 “Golden Bull Model Award” selection through appraisal activities were recently launched. First promotion conference was held at SSCLF’s office site on the afternoon of October 25. Present at the conference were leaders from SSCLF and China Foundation Center, and representatives from 15 foundations and public welfare organizations in Chongqing municipality, Hubei, Yunnan and Heilongjiang provinces. At the conference, participants discussed and exchanged relevant issues on the selection of “Golden Bull Model Awards”, and some of last year's Golden Bull Award winners shared their own award-winning experience.


“Golden Bull model awards” aims to reward and foster young public welfare talents who make outstanding contributions to the public welfare work this year. Same as last year, by taking the method of ones’ own applications and expert assessment, eight young men and women will be selected and each will not only receive an award but will be given learning opportunities in the United States and European countries. The selection has now entered the application stage, and deadline for application is end of November.


"Golden Bull Model Award" project was set up by SSCLF last year. It’s aim is to foster public welfare industry future leaders, promote effective integration of foundations and public welfare organizations; in recognition of "China outstanding public service core members" who make outstanding contributions to promote effective integration of foundations and public welfare organizations; recognize and train outstanding China young middle-level public welfare core members; recognize public service people dedicated earnestly and silently to the public welfare work; and encourage them to seek a new path and new direction to breakthrough themselves; make public welfare industry sustainable development through the cultivation of talents.



SSCLF Secretary General Guan Jianhua addresses opening remarks at the promotion



China Foundation Center CEO Tao Ze makes introduction on the selection of 2015 “Golden Bull Model Award” 


2015 “Golden Bull Model Award” winner, Shanghai Yi Jia Elderly Business Development Center Secretary General Lu Ji shares his award-winning experience with attendees


2015 “Golden Bull Model Award” winner, Shanghai Qing Cong Quan Training Center for Children with Special Needs Director Chen Jie shares her award-winning experience with attendees


Questions and answers at the meeting


Group photo of participants at the “Golden Bull Model Awards” promotion conference