A large scale of “Arousing Gentle Feeling” Charity Bazaar opens next week

From Nov. 19 – 20, 2016, a large scale of “Arousing Gentle Feeling” Charity Bazaar, sponsored by SSCLF – Thanksgiving Mothers’ Home Public Welfare Fund will be held at the Shanghai Library (Address: 1555 Middle Huaihai Road). Goods raised at the Bazar are very rich from paintings, jewelry and antiques to children’s brushes, pet products and organic foods. All the goods at the bazar are donated by the people from all walks of life and business. And the proceeds will go to the student grant projects in the poor areas of West China.


SSCLF – Thanksgiving Mothers’ Home Public Welfare Fund is initiated and established by Dr. Guo Xiangying. And the implementation team for public welfare project consists of a group of full-time caring mother volunteers. They have been committed to poverty alleviation and student assistance activities in the China’s western region. For example, “Light a lamp as one’s wish” project aims to support some excellent, highly motivated, but poor children at Ganzi areas in Sichuan province, to complete their studies at primary schools, junior high schools, high schools and colleges, and provide educational facilities, student dormitory facilities and winter clothes etc. The newly launched project this year is to provide financial support to employ Tibetan Chinese bilingual substitute teachers for some primary schools at Ganzi area in Tibetan Autonomous Region. It has assisted 10 primary schools in hiring 14 substitute teachers.