“SSCLF - Safety for Mothers and Infants” Fund supports life education for teenagers

SSCLF – Safety for Mothers and Infants Public Welfare Fund has supported the Central Hospital of Yangpu District in Shanghai to conduct almost one - year life education for local teenagers and achieved good social effects. Integrating community’s resources, the project helps young people establish correct outlook on life and values through various forms of holding themed courses and providing voluntary service posts. From September 1, 2015 to June 30, 2016, a total of 7 projects, 17 activities have been held, directly benefiting 1330 people and indirectly benefiting 6,150 people.


During the implementation of the project, the hospital and local six primary schools worked together to explore life education for local teenagers. The project courses involve: "Entering the hospital to understand the life", "the origin of life", "Teenager’s emotion management", "Eyes - the light of life", "First aid - CPR " and “She comes from the stars - understanding autistic people" etc.. Therefore, the students have deepened the understanding of life, learned to respect life, and grasped basic skills of first aid through their participation in the courses and related activities carefully designed by the hospital social workers.