A Large Scale of Charity Bazaar held at Shanghai Library

A large scale of “Arousing Gentle feeling” charity bazaar, sponsored by SSCLF – Home of Love and Gratitude to Mothers Public Welfare Fund, was held once a year at the Shanghai Library on November 19 to 20, 2016.  A total of RMB 281,434 yuan raised at the two – day charity bazaar will be used for education aid project for the Tibetan children of poor families in Ganzi Tibetan autonomous prefecture, Sichuan province.


At the charity bazaar, there appeared many active volunteers. Some of them brought their young children to participate in charity activities. People from all walks of life participated in the purchase of the goods. Everyone dedicated their love with their own action. A pair of Shanghai entrepreneurs, retired back home from South Africa, bought ten sets of children’s painting brushes, they paid money but didn’t take the brushes.  All the goods at the bazaar for sale are donated by the caring people from all walks of life and companies.