SSCLF’s Farmer Entrepreneurship Relay Baton Project 2016 third quarter review

SSCLF’s Farmer Entrepreneurship Relay Baton Project

2016 third quarter review



Organic vegetable project in Jintang and pig-breeding project in Ya'an, Sichuan province

Organic vegetable project director: Chen Xiaohui

Project volunteers: Wang Zhenfang and Li Ping

Jintang organic vegetables project, the first project site, has successfully completed its 3 - year cycle, and the returned fund was relayed to a new batch of local farmers. Led by project director and cared by volunteers, the first batch of thirty four households have increased income, many of them have built new houses, and six families have reunion.

Pig-breeding project director: Ji Fang

Project volunteers: Ruan Hongtao and Zhang Jianwei

This quarter, project farmers sold 200 pigs and earned about 150,000 yuan. Early in August, the cooperatives invited animal husbandry professor to guide the farmers in breeding pigs. The cooperative carried out sending 22 little pigs to the poor family activities.


Dendrobium candidum project in Guigang, and Citronella project in Fangchenggang, Guangxi province

Dendrobium project director: Zhao Muhua

Project volunteer: Lin Yuanping

43 greenhouses (10.64 mu) for dendrobium has been set up since May this year. The project farmers have cultivated 10,000 bottles of dendrobium candidum seedlings. Left picture shows the road to the base has been built and the project is on track.

Citronella project director: Chen Mengtang

Project volunteers: Peng Xianmei

The local government chose Suona cooperatives as a leading unit to set up spices, citronella industry association (left picture). Citronella planting entered the nursing stage, which has driven the farmers increase planting 1000 mu of Citronella. Right photo: Volunteer Peng and director Chen observed the base.


Square-shaped bamboo project in Zunyi, Guizhou province

and Longjing green tea project in Southwest Guizhou

Square shaped bamboo project director: Luo Xin

Project volunteers: Zhang Jiaqi, Zhao Wanbin and Li Zongshu

The project ushered in the harvest of square shaped bamboo in the third quarter of this year. Due to the transformation of the forest land in the past year, the average increase per mu reaches 20%--25%. Left photo: volunteer Zhang observed the bamboo shoots growth. Right photo: Director Luo led the farmers to harvest bamboo shoots.

Longjing green tea project director: Pan Yangxun

Project volunteer: Tan Taixiang

Longjing green tea grew well this quarter. Although there is no harvest and sales this quarter, cooperatives still actively organize farmers to learn from rich experienced tea farmers, looking forward to next spring harvest.


Fish farming project in Yulin and Kiwi project in Xiuwenlin county, Guizhou province

Fish farmer project director: Li Yong

Project volunteer: Lin Qixiang

Fish farmer Liu Weicheng worked in the cities far away from home, and now he returns home, staying with his wife, children and the elderly. Under the guidance of the Wenquan cooperatives, he farmed tilapia, and the income doubled. The left photo: the cooperative fish breeding base.

Kiwi project director: Fu Zhonghai

Project volunteer: Li Shiping

The biological organic fertilizer was used for Kiwifruit tree, and microbial was also used to control leafhoppers and stem borers this quarter. Some farmers have got small amount of harvest. The volunteer Li and director Fu observe the kiwi fruit base.


Tea and chicken under forest project in Southeast Guizhou province,

and greenhouse watermelon project in Xinyu, Jiangxi province

Tea and chicken under forest project director: Hou Zhenghong

Project volunteers: Li Sa and Wu Jiabin

Above photo in the left: Project farmer Long Jun used the earned money in raising chicken to buy a truck. And he helped farmers transport baby chicks. Below photo: Volunteer Wu paid a quarterly return visit to farmers.  

Greenhouse watermelon project director: Chen Xiaohong

Project volunteer: Wu Meinan

Second batches of watermelon seedlings were transplanted in the third quarter. Above photo in the right: the cooperative organized farmers to have training courses on watermelon seedlings disease prevention methods. Below photo in the right: Project farmer Yuan Wuya’s cultivated watermelon growing quite well. He is now in preparation for the construction of a new house and will live in the new house before the end of the year.


Grape Project in Liuzhou and pearl plum project in Hechi,

 Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region

Grape project diretor: Kang Wenhua

Volunteers: Pan Jian, Chen Yifen and Yang Jia, Ma Xinyi

On July 2, cooperatives held a grape festival. All project farmers’ first season of grapes have been sold up. Director Kang organized project farmers participate in the feast and barbecue. Farmers Yu Qiuchong, Liao Xian and Li Kaifu felt the joy of the grape harvest for the first time.

Pearl Plum Project director: Yang Tongbiao

Project volunteer: Zhu Jiangming

Pearl plum farmers enter the first fruit season. The cooperative used fruit fly bait insecticide and deep fertilization. Right photo: It’s the first harvest scene in August for project household Luo Qing.


Silkworm rearing project in Hechi and guava project in Yulin,

Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region

Silk worm rearing project director: Huang Ruibiao

Project volunteer: Zhu Jiangming

At the end of the third quarter, the project has completed 3 batches of silkworm rearing. The silkworm cocoon price for the second half of 2016 reaches 48 yuan a kilogram, a new high record. Right photo: Farmers look cheerful, waiting to receive money.

Guava project director: Xuan Guangchi

Project volunteer: Lin Qixiang

Right photo: The guava harvest scene for project household Li Yang couple. The couple left home far away to work in Guangdong and no one took care of their children. Since last year they have participated in the project, planting 10 mu of guava, all the family members are happy working together.


Edible fungus project and apple peach project in South Guizhou

Edible fungus project director: Chen Jinbang

Project volunteers: Song Wenying and Wang Shengkang

This year's anti-season summer mushrooms began to be on market in May, and its production and quality better than last year. The sales price basically maintained at 5.5 yuan per 1/2 kilogram. Left photo: The members of Zhou Meiyan, Mo Jufen were busy in harvesting mushrooms. Right photo: Director Chen organized farmers to visit the greenhouses in Yongxing base.

Apple plum project director: Dai Jun

Project volunteers: Song Wenying and Wang Shengkang

In summer, apple plum ushered in a good harvest. Right photo: South Guizhou Institute of Forestry expert taught the farmers how to protect and control fruit tree disease and pest, adequately fertilize and correctly prune.


Chinese bee project in Xiushan, Chongqing and red kiwi project

Bee-keeping project director: Bai Tianshu

Project volunteers: Tu Jinsong and Yuan De

Through three quarters of development, the farmers bred bees increased by 25%. Honey 3 times this quarter, with average output of 250 kilogram per household, net profit of 50,000 yuan. Left photo: Farmer Tian Ruijun checking bee colony. Right photo: Director Bai guiding farmers in beekeeping.

Red kiwi project director: Yang Jing

Project volunteers: Tu Jinsong and Yuan Dewei

The project has been implemented for a whole year. Red kiwi project ushered in the first harvest this year with good sales. Cooperatives also joined E-Commerce Alliance to expand the market.


Projects to be initiated:

With loving care of Agriculture Committee of Anhui Province and Ping An Insurance Co. Ltd. volunteers, we will initiate organic rice project in Yi county, Huangshan and green tea project in Yuexi county, Anqing, Anhui province.