Health education project for children with leukemia in Anhui province completed

Project of health education and early prevention and treatment for the children with leukemia in Anhui province, supported by SSCLF - Pearl S. Buck Charity Fund, implemented by the Children’s Hospital in Anhui province, was recently completed.  Since last December, the Children's Hospital has publicized and popularized the knowledge of early prevention and treatment for the children with leukemia, and organized a number of clinic consultation.


As the most common malignant tumor for children, leukemia’s incidence is rather high. According to statistics, there is an annual increase of about 500 children with leukemia in Anhui province alone. The special nature of the disease is: the short course of disease, the higher degree of malignancy, and the general survival time of less than 6 months if not treated in time. That has led many parents afraid of talking about it. But in fact if children with leukemia can get standardized diagnosis, timely treatment and adherence to treatment, most types of leukemia can be completely cured. In the existing medical condition, the cure rate of children with acute lymphoblastic leukemia has reached 85%. Unfortunately, because some of the parents having misunderstanding of leukemia, the proportion of adherence to the treatment for children with leukemia in Anhui province is not optimistic. Therefore, it is urgent to carry out the publicity and popularization of the early prevention and treatment for the childhood with leukemia in a large scale! 


During the project activities, in cooperation with several media, such as newspapers, network, broadcast, WeChat and other channels, the Children's Hospital of Anhui Province continuously conducted related health education; organized expert clinic consultation activities; designed and printed more than 200,000 copies of health education manuals, produced 104 pieces of thematic publicity bulletin boards to be placed in the clinic consultation sites, and other major medical and community health care centers. In order to evaluate the effectiveness of the activities, the project also produced and recovered a total of 10,000 questionnaires.


A series of project activities got a wide attention from media. Phoenix information, Sohu Public Platform, Anhui Daily, Hefei Evening News, An Qing Network, Jiang Huai Morning News and other media have reported on the activities.