New hope for children in remote mountainous areas

-- "Over the mountains" public welfare photography exhibition at the Peace Hotel


On December 1, 2016, the opening ceremony of the public welfare photography exhibition “Over the Mountains”, sponsored by SSCLF – Zhong Public Welfare Fund, was held at the Peace Hotel in Shanghai. More than 100 pieces of photographic works on display were the photos taken in recent years in the western China mountainous areas by Xinhua news agency special photographers, 2008 Beijing Olympic Games Chief Photographer Lin Yi, major media photojournalists and photography enthusiasts. The photos show the real life of the children in Western China mountainous areas and the local simple human cultural landscape from multi perspective and in all directions.


Caring public welfare guests from all walks of life and photographers have come to the scene to witness the opening of the exhibition.


SSCLF – Thong Public Welfare Fund aims to be long term committed to poverty alleviation and education aid for the children in China’s western region, in hope that through this photographic exhibition, more people are concerned about the lives of the children in the poor mountainous areas. At the opening ceremony, SSCLF - Thought Public Welfare Fund Director Mr. Yang Weidong put forward "a thousand person plan" that is to help 1,000 children in remote mountainous areas in learning local traditional skills (such as Thangka, lacquer and Yi embroidery). With art and craft skills promoting public welfare, the children are encouraged to learn the skills to live on while inheriting the Chinese intangible cultural heritage.