"Touching Light and Shadow" — the blind photography exhibition

“Touching Light and Shadow” — the blind photography exhibition, jointly sponsored by the Shanghai Soong Ching Ling Foundation, Jingan District Federation for the Disabled and the School for the Blind, co-sponsored by the Shanghai Association for the Blind and organized by Xing Yan Public Development Center, was held at the Shanghai Library on December 12, 2016. Over 100 people from all walks of life in Shanghai appreciated the photographic works taken by visually impaired photographers.


According to an introduction, the visually impaired persons shoot photography by the method of positioning through hearing and touching, and the photographs taken can be made by special techniques into the image that the blind can touch. After systematic training of cognitive courses through touching and hearing, the blind can effectively grasp the skills to touch the image. "The blind don’t care what photos they take, and don’t care if they have a good shot. The blind photography aims to build a bridge between the blind and healthy people to communicate each other.” Said a person at the site who visited the blind photography exhibition. At the opening ceremony, some students from the School for the Blind came to visit the exhibition. Although they could not see the light and color of the photos, but they expressed great interest in perception of the outside wonderful world through touching Braille on the photos.


The photographic exhibition will be held later at Jingan District Community Cultural Activity Center and the Shanghai Children's Library. 


The blind photographer in front of his photographic work

The girl, a grader four, in the experience of touching perception

Guided by the volunteer, the blind “reads” the photo

The old woman blindfolded touches the photo made up of dots Braille