2016 Golden Bull Model Award Winners Announced
2016 Annual Golden Bull Model Award Winners, launched by SSCLF, and hosted by China Foundation Center, was announced on December 24, 2016 which lasted more than two months of promotion, selection and publicity. Eight people who made outstanding contributions to promote the effective integration between foundations and public welfare organizations won the golden bull awards in 2016. Award issuing ceremony and visits to and exchange with domestic and international public welfare institutions will be held in January 2017.
The winners are as follows (ranking in alphabetical order):
1.    Huang Louxi
Deputy secretary general and project director of Shanghai Huaxin Public Welfare Foundation
She assumed sales manager in a foreign trade company and she resigned from the company in 2011 and then she was engaged in full-time public welfare service: volunteer in SVG (Social Venture Group), and project operation director of WABC (World of volunteer Art Brut Culture). And at the same year, she began to work in Shanghai Huaxin public welfare foundation. She strives to develop her profession, keeps curious learning attitude, dares to break through with innovation, and actively introduces innovative initiatives in public projects, such as: Interactive activity of circle painting and setting up "Findoout" platform to conduct "fluorescent education aid" project data coordination etc.
2. Jiang Ying
Deputy Secretary General of Chinese Children's Charity Foundation
Education: MBA; EMBA in reading at Cheung Kong School of Business (full scholarship).
She is good at setting up social media platforms, resource integration and brand project communication, and actively exploring social innovation and big data mining and management. In the Chinese Children’s Charity Foundation, Jiang Ying is responsible for foundation’s cooperation and development, including fund-raising from enterprises and fundraising platform and brand building and communication management, and actively explore and build all kinds of public fundraising platforms.
3.    Su Yanhui
Director of “Fire” department of Shanghai Cherished Dream Foundation and a member of the decision-making committee in the Secretariat.
Education: graduated from East China Normal University and Shanghai Jiao Tong University.
As the sixth employee of Shanghai Cherished Dream Foundation, Su Yanhui has participated in developing all the foundation’s departments’ work, focusing on the promotion of public communication and fundraising from 2009 up to now. In 2015, as an initiator to set up the "fire department", she set up the “fire” public Internet fundraising platform, from private fundraising to Internet public fundraising, explored the "Internet plus public welfare" mode, and promote the development of social welfare.
4.    Dong Yemin
Deputy Secretary General of Guangdong province Yixin Charity Foundation
Bachelor of journalism, master of applied psychology, intermediate certified social worker and psychological consultant.
She has worked in public welfare industry since 2007. She followed the founder of the Lions from the service team to create Guangdong province Red Cross entrepreneur service team and then established a registered Yixin Charity Foundation in Guangdong province for past 10 years. She experienced NGO learning abroad, cooperation with the government and the whole process of setting up independent foundation, while she has a deep feelings of baptism and the development of public welfare organizations in the tide of the times. She has experience of one person undertaking the whole thing of the secretariat and upgraded the ability to recruit assistants to build the working team
5.     Wang Dan
Deputy Secretary General of Tsinghua University Education Foundation
Education: Doctor of Law, Tsinghua University
She has worked in Tsinghua University Education Foundation as deputy secretary general since 2011. Over more than 5 years, she has carried out creative work closely around the central task of the Tsinghua University and the foundation and made positive contributions to the overall work and her responsible work has played a leading and exemplary role for the other Colleges and universities. The foundation will further consolidate the original results, continue to promote systematization, standardization and rule of law, and strive to become the world’s class foundation with Chinese characteristics and Tsinghua style.
6.  Zeng Xin
The executive director of Beijing Hongdandan Visually Impaired Cultural Service Center
Education: Administration management of Nanchang University
In May, 2005, the radio program “Looking at the world with hearts” made by the blind trained by Beijing Hongdandan Visually Impaired Cultural Service Center prompted me to participate in the cause of helping the blind and to realize the value of helping people to help oneself. So, she came to Hongdandan to work as a volunteer at first up to the executive director now. She participated in a number of major projects’ design and implementation. In the face of challenges, she has never abandoned her original intention and go forward together with Hongdandan center.
7.     Zhang Yajing
Human Resources Director of China Foundation for Poverty Alleviation
Sociology graduate student of Renmin University of China, accountant, senior human resources consultant.
She is now director of Human Resources Department of the China foundation for Poverty Alleviation (CFPA) and has experience of working in the government and corporate prior to joining CFPA. She was supervisor, project manager of college student project department of new great wall project, director assistant and director of the resources development department. In the past ten years, she has promoted CFPA human resources management system construction, developed large donations fundraising mode, constructed the "Internet banking", an integrated, convenient public donation platform to promote institutional fundraising and other work.
8.     Zhang Zhihui
Director of the Sichuan Heifer Poverty alleviation service center of Xinjiang Qinghai - Tibet project
Education: Master of social work, Hong Kong Polytech University.
In 2006, he joined the international Heifer China project organization and has been engaged in poverty alleviation and development in rural areas, mainly responsible for project execution and management. And he has participated in the heifer project implementation and management in Anhui, Guangdong, Sichuan and Chongqing. After obtaining the master degree of social work from Hong Kong Polytech University in 2014, his work has expanded from management to training and research. Currently, he is the director of the northwest region of the organization, and is responsible for the heifer project and team management of Xinjiang, Gansu, Qinghai and Shaanxi