SSCLF - Yi Cheng Fund’s charity dinner

On December 30, 2016 annual charity dinner sponsored by the SSCLF - Cheng Special Fund was held at the banquet hall of Westin Hotel, Shanghai. Caring people from all walks of life in Shanghai gathered together to witness this charity event in the warm loving atmosphere while recalling the past and looking forward to the future.


Yi Cheng Special Fund, initiated by Mr. Ai Jin, aims to help the children with congenital limb defects. Guided by the SSCLF, Yi Cheng Special Fund has adhered to and carried forward Soong Ching Ling’s public welfare spirit and devoted himself to the cause of children's health. Mr. AI Jin is vice president of the Central Academy of Painting and Calligraphy. He promised that his personal calligraphy and painting works will be contributed for auction and the fund raised at auction will be used for helping the children with congenital limb defects and other vulnerable groups in the poor areas in China.


There are 11 items of calligraphy and painting works, donated by caring people at the charity auction. A total of RMB 919,268 yuan raised at the auction will be used to relieve the children with congenital limb deformities in poor areas in China through the SSCLF – Yi Cheng Special Fund.


The opening dance performed by the Little Star Dance Troupe, silver winner of 2016 International Youth Pop Dance Contest


SSCLF – Yicheng Special Fund Loving Ambassador Ms.Wang Yuee sharing her experience