SSCLF holds 2016 Golden Bull Model Award - issuing ceremony and its fifth special project forum in Shanghai

The Shanghai Soong Ching Ling Foundation’s fifth annual special project forum and 2016 Golden Bull Model Award – issuing ceremony was held at the Astor House Hotel in Shanghai on January 18, 2017. More than one hundred people from special funds under the SSCLF and cooperative projects and eight new Golden Bull Model Award winners have a joyous gathering, sharing their experiences in the field of public welfare services for the past year. Present at the meeting were SSCLF’s Vice Chairmen Xia Keqiang, Xie Lijuan and Zou Wei and Shanghai Community Administration Bureau leaders Jia Yong and Zhu Ya and leaders from China Foundation Center.


The Golden Bull Model Award winners chosen through public appraisal, sponsored by SSCLF,  organized by China Foundation Center, were held for three sessions. It aims to reward and foster young public welfare talents who make outstanding contributions to the public welfare industry and establish benchmark in public sector. The eight winners for the year of 2016 came both from the foundations within the system and from grassroots organizations. Some are middle level cadres taking charge of one department and some are business backbones working in the first line; some are veterans sticking to more than ten years of public service and some are new talents resigned from the iron rice bowl to join the charity team. They set up examples for their colleagues with their dedication of love and holding fast to the charity industry. 


The representatives from special funds under SSCLF, such as Bank of East Asia, Home of Love and Gratitude to Mothers, Yi Cheng, Han leaves, Heng and Kidnewer, and from cooperative projects of Chine Education Aid 2.0, Research Project for Migrant Children’s Education, Lingshan’s Run for Love had exchanged their experience with attendants. The participants shared their public practice and dedication of love in the past year, including the practice of public service innovation, adhering to the fundraising while making friends with donors and recipients, dedicated to help the children, consecutive 6 years of tracking research on migrant children’s education, stories about the establishment of new special fund, etc. Their wonderful speeches with vivid examples benefited all the participants a great deal.