SSCLF’s Farmer Entrepreneurship Relay Baton Project 2016 fourth quarter review



Mount Huangshan Anhui project organic rice director: Xu Haibo
Volunteers: Xie Sijun and Cheng Wu
SSCLF’s Farmer Entrepreneurship Relay Baton Project was launched in Yi county in Mount Huangshan areas. Recommended By An Hui provincial agriculture committee and Yi county agriculture Committee, cared by Ping An Insurance Company volunteers Xie Sijun and Cheng Wu, and led by project director Xu Haibo, 20 peasant households will be engaged in the modernization of rice planting. The cooperatives will provide technical and sales support, quality control and mechanization services, and each peasant household increases an average planting area from original ten mu to 300 mu now.
Anqing, Anhui province project tea director: Wang Linmiao
Volunteers: Wang Peng, Chu Manxia
New year brings new hope for 20 poor peasant households in Yuexi county, Anqing city, Anhui province. They joyfully attended the kick-off meeting of SSCLF’s Farmer Entrepreneurship Relay Baton Project Green Tea. Ping An Insurance Company Volunteers Wang Peng Ping and Chu Manxia paid visits to peasant households from the beginning of the project investigate to farmers eventually confirmed. Concerned by the agriculture committee, director Wang Linmiao, with rich experience in tea cultivation and rural mutual financial experience, will lead the 20 households to carry out the transformation of the old tea garden, increasing tea plantation area.


Guangxi Hechi project pearl plum phase II director: Yang Tongbiao
Volunteer: Zhu Jiangming
Sixteen pearl plum planting peasant households in Tian’e county, Hechi city in Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous region took over the batons from the hands of the peasant households of SSCLF’s Farmer Entrepreneurship Relay Baton Project pearl plum Phase I. to launch the project phase II.  Zhu Jiangming, a volunteer, repeatedly visited candidate peasant households, to ensure that each household fully understand the contents of the project. Cared by the provincial agriculture bureau, director of project phase I, Yang Tongbiao, led the farmers in raising their income and repaying the invested fund on time, and he will continue to give phase II farmers technical guidance and expand sales channels.
Mount Huangshan, Anhui province project organic green tea director: Fang Guoqiang
Volunteers: Xie Sijun, Cheng Wu
Twenty poor farmers in Xiuning county, Anhui province will plant organic green tea with high profit and in line with the European standard. During the project investigation, volunteers Xie Sijun and Cheng Wu carefully verify the farmers' information, and communicate the project content with the farmers. New Anyuan is one of Xiuning county’s largest tea company. The project director Fang Guoqiang will lead the 20 farmers in hard planting.
Xiuwen county, Guiyang city, Guizhou province project Kiwi director: Fu Zhonghai Volunteer: Li Shiping
The above photo: volunteer Li Shiping paid a return visit.
Guangxi Yulin project guava director: Xuan Guangchi
Volunteer: Lin Qixiang 
Project household Chen Xianbiao left his hometown to work in cities as a plasterer, and went home only once a year. He is unable to take care of their children and his elderly mother. Now his family reunion, and he plants ten mu of guava.
Liuzhou Guangxi project grape director: Kang Wenhua
Volunteers: Pan Jian, Yi Xiaowei, Ma Xinyi, Chen Yifen, Yang Jia
When entering the winter, the project farmers excavate ditches with rotary cultivator and then spread organic fertilizer, to loosen the soil, which is breathable and easy to absorb water and nutrition by the grapes.   
Guangxi Guigang project Dendrobium director: Zhao Muhua
Volunteers: Lin Yuanping and Dai Yilin
Complete planting bottle seedlings of dendrobium and transplanting dendrobium seedlings this quarter. The cooperatives conducted three on-site trainings, to improve the farmers’ ability to manage Dendro drobiumbium, and give specific guidance on production essentials.
Guangxi Hechi project silkworm director: Huang Ruibiao
Volunteer: Zhu Jiangming
Farmer Shi Jingfan earned 73,000 yuan for the second year of sericulture. At the end of December, he bought an electric car. Project household Huang Kezhi's wife once left her hometown to work in cities, and she returned home in the second half of this year. Now she is  working with her husband in sericulture, while caring for the elderly and children.
Yulin Guangxi project fish – farming director: Li Yong
Volunteer: Lin Qixiang
Above photo: Hot springs aquaculture cooperatives peasant household Liang Fuqiang is carefully farming tilapia
Guangxi Fangchenggang project Citronella director: Chen Mengtang 
Volunteer: Peng Xianmei
Project Citronella household Li Xiuzhen is sorting citronella stem and lemongrass. Since she is a single parent, she can’t go outside to work. After joining the project, she has a stable income of 60 to 80 yuan a day. The cooperatives participated in the first commodity fair in Guangxi. 
Qiannan Guizhou project edible mushroom director: Chen Jinbang
Volunteers: Song Wenying and Wang Shengkang
Project household Zhou Meiyan grew edible mushroom over the past year and her income increased, and she renovated her house. The above photo: Zhou Meiyan in the newly renovated house is receiving the sale payment issued by accountant.
Qiannan Guizhou project Apple peach director: Dai Jun
Volunteers: Song Wenying and Wang Shengkang
Cooperatives carry out trainings on prevention and control of fruit diseases and insect pests, reasonable pruning and proper fertilization.
Zunyi Guizhou project square bamboo director: Luo Xin
Volunteers: Zhang Jiaqi, Zhao Wanbin, and Li Zongshu
Autumn is the season of square bamboo harvest and sales, Relay Baton project households conducted the transformation of low yield forest and expansion of bamboo forest, the bamboo shoot yield is greatly improved, the revenues increase by 30%.
Southwest Guizhou project Longjing green tea director: Pan Yangxun
Volunteer: Tan Taixiang
Tea seedings, planted by tea farmers with relay baton funds one year ago, are growing well.
Southeast Guizhou project tea – under forest chicken director: Hou Zhenghong
Volunteers: Li Sa and Wu Jiabin
Project households Wu Faqiang, Wu Guangyong and Wu Guangxian work hard in under-forest farming, and complete the change of the purchase from a tricycle to a small truck.
Chengdu Sichuan project organic vegetable director: Chen Xiaohui,
Volunteer: Wang Zhenfang
Six children of project households were admitted to universities and received scholarship from relay baton project. The above photo: Funds issued by the cooperatives to the parents whose children admitted to university.
Ya'an Sichuan project pig farming director: Ji Fang
Volunteer: Ruan Hongtao and Zhang Jianwei
The cooperative transport excellent breeding pigs to project households this quarter.  
Chongqing Xiushan project beekeeping director: Bai Tianshu
Volunteers: Tu Jinsong, He Jian and Yuan Dewei
There are a total of six honey collection this year, with an average yield of 1200 jin (1/2 kilogram) per household. The average income is 60,000 yuan, and eight households’ income is more than 100,000 yuan. An expert from Bee Research Institute, Chongqing Institute of Animal Husbandry Institute was invited to give training on bee farming technology for the project farmers.




Chongqing Xiushan project red kiwi director: Yang Jing
Volunteers: Tu Jinsong, He Jian and Yuan Dewei
The project households drive another ten farmers to have developed high standard base of 200 mu to complete in planting red kiwi this year.






Jiangxi Xinyu project kirin watermelon director: Chen Xiaohong
Volunteer: Wu Meinan
Kirin watermelon harvests this year, the average price is over 1.5 yuan /500 kilogram and the maximum of 2 yuan /500 kilogram. The above photo: The project household Chen Rungou planted kirin watermelon and he bought a Baojun car, which is convenient for his family to visit his relatives in the Spring Festival. Everyone is highly recognition of the relay baton project.



Watermelon project household Zeng Tao planted kirin watermelon and had harvest. His wedding ceremony was held in Dongguan, Guangdong province On October 1, 2016. He is going to be a dad, a great change in his life.