CKGSB students’ donation assists the treatment of premature infants at Shanghai Children’s Hospital

Cheung Kong Graduate School of Business (CKGSB) Class five’s donation ceremony was held at Shanghai Children’s Hospital on the afternoon of February 8, 2016.  A total of 200,000 yuan donated by CKGSB class five’s 66 students will go to the premature infant relief charity base at Shanghai Children’s Hospital to provide financial assistance for the treatment of congenital defects of premature infants.


At present, the proportion of premature infants in China is annually about ten percent of new- born babies, and some premature babies have been abandoned and failed to survive because of families’ poverty. Premature Relief and Loving Care Base, jointly established by the SSCLF’s Special Fund of Safety for Mothers and Infants and Shanghai Children’s Hospital in September, 2016, aims to provide financial support for poor premature families. So far, the premature infant relief project has funded the treatment of 23 poor families’ premature infants, the cumulated funds up to 450,000 yuan, giving the children's hope of regeneration.


Present at the donation ceremony were about forty students from CKGSB class five and SSCLF’s Special Fund of Safety for Mothers and Infants Chairman Qiu Haining, goodwill ambassador to the project of Safety for Mothers and Infants and Olympic swimming champion Zhuang Yong, SSCLF Deputy Secretary General Yang Ye and Zhang Houye. They witnessed the warm - hearted moments, and visited the premature infant ICU accompanied by hospital leaders. Liu Shiqing, a representative of the donors, said that to save the child's life is to save the families and their children’s future. It is only the first donation, we are willing to ignite the fire of hope and deliver the light of life with our love for more young lives.