“Beautiful Eyes" project launched in Shanghai for students from Shigatse School for the Blind

2017 "Beautiful Eyes" project, a series of fellowship activities in Shanghai for the children from Shigatse School for the blind in Tibet and Shanghai local schools, sponsored by the SSCLF – Jia Public Welfare Fund, was launched on March 3, 2017.  The purpose of the project is that recreational activities for promoting friendship between the children from Tibet and Shanghai will open a new pair of “eyes” for the blind children from Shigatse School for the Blind, enrich their learning and cognitive level. At the same time, the local children in Shanghai will have the opportunity to understand and get to know such a group of children who are living in remoteness, poor families, and in the darkness, but still love life and are dedicated to the pursuit of bright.


The contents of the activities are rich, including outdoor activities of "walking in the darkness" and "skipping the blank space" and indoor activities of Tibetan hair braiding and color painting. The last leg of the series activities -- “Thank You” party will be held at Youngster Activity Center of Jingan district, Shanghai at 14:00 – 16:00 on March 26. The blind children will provide carefully prepared performances for the Shanghai caring partners: reciting, singing and dancing. The venue will be ad hoc charity bazaar, and sale proceeds will go to the education aid project for the blind children in Shigatse areas.


SSCLF - Jia Public Welfare Fund is established by Nan Beiru and supported by the project execution team of volunteers. They have long been committed to poverty alleviation and education aid projects in Gannan, Tibet and other ethnic minority areas. For example, "Gannan Orphan School" project, they implemented for many years, aims at helping the poor children of Gannan orphans school to complete their primary school and junior high school academic missions, providing the school educational equipment, dormitory facilities and winter clothing, and making arrangement for diseased children to receive treatment in Shanghai. The "Beautiful Eyes" project, launched by the Fund this year, includes a series of fellowship activities in Shanghai participated by Shigatse School for the Blind, Shanghai local schools and a fire brigade. The project aims to establish self-confidence for the children from Shigatse School for the blind, broaden their horizons, be brave to express themselves and help them improve their survival skills.