Electric garbage tricycles driving into the poor village
On March 20, six brand-new electric garbage tricycles, donated by SSCLF - Lu Jiaxian、Gao Wenying Special Fund, drove into Chen Tan village, Lingbi county, in Anhui province. The village is a national poverty village and a counterpart unit aided by Anhui Province Foreign Affairs Office. 
Shanghai Zhong Jing Industrial (Group) Co., Ltd., Chairman Gao Yang happened to know the information about the village and specially sent to investigate the village. In addition to the power grid renovation, road hardening and afforestation projects implemented by Anhui Province Foreign Affairs Office for the village, Lu Jiaxian、Gao Wenying Special Fund decided to provide precise poverty alleviation, focusing on environmental pollution control and the poor elderly illness insurance. The precise poverty alleviation agreement was signed in September 2016. Up to now, the special fund has bought serious illness medical insurance and pension insurance for 82 elderly of poor families and donated six electric garbage tricycles for the village’s environment protection. The village has made special arrangement to assign persons every day to clean and transport the garbage to improve the villagers’ living environment.