The blind children from Shigatse, Tibetan get together with the students in Shanghai
"Beautiful Eyes" themed large-scale performances and charity sale event, sponsored by SSCLF – Jia Public Welfare Fund was held at the Youngster Activity Center of Jingan district, Shanghai on March 26, 2017. The students from the Shigatse School for the Blind in Tibetan and caring people from all walks of life and volunteers in Shanghai enjoyed a joyous gathering. The fund raised at charity sale event reached a total of more than 7,900 yuan, which will be used to support the students of Shigatse School for the blind.
Invited by Jia Public Welfare Fund, the Tibetan blind children left their home for the first time to travel in Shanghai, personally experiencing the passion and love from the people of Shanghai. At the large gathering on the last day of the project, the Tibetan blind children highlighted rich style of Tibetan music and dance, and at the same time, fire squadron officers and men in Sheshan, Songjiang district, and the children in Shanghai presented a carefully prepared entertainment program.
All donated items at the charity bazaar booths were soon bought by the children in Shanghai, who devoted their love for the blind children in Tibet.