"Charity and Sustainable Development – China Action" project round table conference and roadshow in Shanghai
Launched jointly by the UNDP China and China Foundation Center (CFC), the "Charity and Sustainable Development - China Action" project roundtable meeting and roadshow in Shanghai was held at Shanghai Soong Ching Foundation’s office building on April 7, 2017. Present at the meeting were 30 representatives from the foundations in Shanghai and the relevant corporates and institutions.

Shanghai Soong Ching Ling Foundation (SSCLF) deputy secretary general Yang Ye presided over the meeting. And He said this is a very meaningful meeting and through the discussions, we’ll have a better understanding of the United Nations' sustainable development goals and the "Charity and Sustainable Development China Action" project. Subsequently, Deputy Country Director UNDP China Mr. Patrick Haverman shared with the participants the goal of the UN sustainable development in country program in China, and expecting the private sector and the foundations, as well as small change to lifestyle at personal level to promote the realization of the sustainable development goals. The UNDP adviser Ms. Wang Rui introduced the related work of research, advocacy and landing projects in the field of philanthropy, and the intention and future prospects of the "Charity and Sustainable Development - China Action" project.

The CFC’s Strategic Philanthropy Research Center director Zhang Ruiying comprehensively interpreted "Charity and Sustainable Development - China Action" project. The United Nations Development Agenda for 2030 has developed 17 sustainable development objectives, which is a global goal. Last year, the G20 summit in Hangzhou attached great importance to the implementation of the sustainable development agenda for 2030 and developed action plans. The Chinese government also issued a "National Plan for the Implementation of China's Sustainable Development Agenda for 2030" and promised to achieve sustainable development goals in china. The goal of sustainable development has been incorporated into the national development plan.

The flourished development of China's philanthropy in recent years should contribute to the achievement of sustainable development goals. In order to analyze the contribution of charitable sector in China to sustainable development, the philanthropy development in China under the goal of sustainable development was presented from multi - angles and multi - dimensions, through big data analysis, real-time information sharing platform and industry summit etc., to further promote the effective combination of charity and sustainable development. UNDP China and the CFC jointly launched “Charity and Sustainable Development - China Action” project and a press conference was held in Beijing on January 6, 2017. The participants evaluated highly the cooperative project from different perspectives, mainly including charity promoting sustainable development goals and implementing China country program, upgrading the internationalism level of China charity industry, and maximizing the social benefits of charity investment etc. We now advocate strategic philanthropy. We all agree that it is the largest strategic philanthropy for charitable organizations to help achieve sustainable development goals.   

Afterward, the participants held a heated discussion. SSCLF’s deputy secretary general Yang Ye said the social value of the foundation’s work measured by sustainable development goals is very meaningful. Because the index system is an international common language, a unified discourse system. Under this system, we can not only measure and benchmark our work in China, but also we can benchmark our work in international areas to better display ourselves on international stage.

Finally, CFC executive vice president Cheng Gang made a concluding statement. Mr. Cheng Gang spoke highly of UNDP and CFC partnership, and he expressed heartfelt thanks to SSCLF and all the guests’ concern over and active participation in "Charity and Sustainable Development - China Action” project. He stressed that the roadshow in Shanghai is the first stop of the project’s roadshows and we are willing to work closely with all of you to make the project land in Shanghai.