SSCLF’s 2017 Annual Meeting
SSCLF held its 2017 Annual Board of Directors meeting on the afternoon of April 21 in the Astor House Hotel.  More than 100 people including board members at home and abroad, representatives of special funds and partners had a joyous meeting, summing up the past and planning the future. SSCLF’s Vice Chairman Xie Lijuan presided over the annual meeting and Executive Vice Chairman Zou Wei made the working report on behalf of the fifth board of directors of SSCLF.  Representatives of Soong Ching Ling Foundations in the United States, Japan, South Africa, Italy, Austria and other countries and regions attended this public welfare event in Shanghai.
In her annual report, Zou Wei revealed that in 2016, the total revenues, including donation income and investment income, hit 86.5121 million yuan and the total expenditure used for implementing various public welfare projects and management reached 50.5131 million yuan. The SSCLF’s 2016 fund balance was 35.999 million yuan. They were respectively passed through the annual inspection of Shanghai Municipal Community Administration Bureau and the tax audit of professional organizations.
The working report said that over the past year, under the leadership of the Council, the SSCLF firmly grasped the spiritual essence of closely combining Soong Ching Ling’s public welfare thought with China’s social development demands and had achieved new breakthrough in the fields of fund-raising, activities launching, projects implementation and transformation and brand communication etc. with the public welfare pragmatic and innovative concept and joint efforts of communities, government, public organizations, enterprises and caring volunteers. In particular, SSCLF has strengthen the cooperation with scientific research institutions and universities to expand the scope of funding and efforts for academic research projects related to people’s livelihood, and some research projects’ results are expected to provide scientific basis for the design, adjustment and perfection of the national public policies. It is also an exploration for the foundation to transform from the traditional functions of poverty alleviation to the function of undertaking social responsibility to promote social progress.
At the annual meeting, Guangfa silkworm cooperatives leader Huang Ruibiao from Du’an County, Guangxi Zhuang autonomous region, shared his three-year journey experience in leading the local farmers to participate in SSCLF’s “farmer entrepreneurship relay baton” project, and received high praise from the participants.
The SSCLF commended and awarded the prize certificates to the advanced collectives and individuals who made outstanding contributions in 2016.
Under the witness of all the participants, SSCLF’s 2017 Annual Board of Directors meeting approved the 2016 annual working report and the annual working plan for 2017.
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The list of the SSCLF’s friend award winners for 2016:
MaryKay (China) Cosmetics Co., Ltd.
Zhu Yanyan   member of SSCLF’s credit management committee
Yao Xiaofeng   member of SSCLF’s sustainable development professional committee, founder of Huge Leaf special fund
Cheng Zhiqiang   director of asset operations supervision committee
Jia Xueliang   SSCLF’s honorary director, general manager of the Astor House Hotel

Meeting scene

SSCLF’s acting secretary general Jia Yong announces the list of friend award winners

Photos of SSCLF’s friend award winners with SSCLF’s leaders

Board members gave positive comments and constructive suggestions for SSCLF’s work.

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Ms. Chen Yan, SSCLF’s overseas director, Hawaii Sun Yat-sen Foundation director, Ms. Sylvia Young, SSCLF’s director, Vice Chairman of Jack Chen’s Foundation in the United States, Ms. Chen Qing, president of South Africa's Soong Ching Ling Foundation, Ms. Jin Hui, SSCLF’s overseas director, president of Italy Soong Ching Ling Foundation, Ms. Lu Zhao, SSCLF’s overseas director, Ms. Jin Yuqing, representative of Japan-China Joint Project Committee of Soong Ching Ling Foundation in Japan, and Mr. Huang Ruibiao, Guangfa silkworm cooperatives leader, Du’an county, Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous region and Mr. Zhu Jiangming, project volunteer, visited Shanghai Natural Museum and SSCLF office on the morning of April 21, 2017.