KaiLong’s “Bid for Love 2017” charity auction ends successfully

SSCLF - KayLong Public Welfare Fund’s "Bid for Love 2017" Charity Art Auction, sponsored by KaiLong Group,successfully concluded in the Four Seasons Hotel in Pudong, Shanghai on the evening of May 25, 2017.  More than 200 business elites, cultural celebrities and caring people attended the gala, witnessing the cohesion of love. A total of 1.62 million yuan raised at the auction, a record high over the years, will go to the needy student aid program and public medical projects for orphans and disabled children in poor areas in China.


The gala began in the beautiful song sung by the little companions of Jiu Qian volunteer service supported by KaiLong Group. A total of 27 pieces of live auction and 16 pieces of silent auction were specially created or donated for the event by renowned artists and caring people in real estate and financial circles. Caring participants frequently interacted with each other in a warm atmosphere. After several rounds of intense bidding, the caring people at the scene bought up all the exquisite items.


At the end of the activity, Mr. Zheng Ximing, SSCLF overseas director, KaiLong Group CEO, expressed heartfelt gratitude to all the sponsors and all the sectors of the community for their support and promised to continue to fulfill their social responsibilities with focus on public welfare projects of helping needy students and poverty alleviation.


Adhering to the purpose of "Cohesion of Strength, Feedback Society", KaiLong Group has persistently raised money and financially supported various public welfare projects through the group's internal investment, donations from its employees and friends in the industry. SSCLF – KaiLong Public Welfare Fund, established in 2014, has raised to date a total of 4.3 million yuan, donated more than 2.3 million yuan, and about 800 students benefited from the projects. The KaiLong volunteers regularly visit the aided students in poor areas every year to bring them with care and warmth.