"Make the sky for the children of the stars more beautiful" - autism education forum successfully held

On May 25, 2017, "Make the sky for the children of the stars more beautiful" - Autism Education Forum, hosted by Shanghai Cao Peng Music Center, and supported by SSCLF - AmCham Charity Fund, was held at the concert hall of Conservatory of Music, the Shanghai University. 

The students of the "Angel Music Salon" project, supported by AmCham Charity Fund, played a brass five duet of "Doraemon" as the prelude of the lectures. Israel Ofer Experimental School for Students with Autism principal, psychotherapist and parent consultant Ms. Shula Friedrich Shilon gave a wonderful speech on world’s autism research situation and foreign education mode. Shanghai Institute of Neuroscience affiliated to Chinese Academy of Sciences research fellow, doctoral supervisor, national outstanding youth, Dr. Chou Zilong, an expert in the study of nervous system diseases,analyzed autism from a scientific perspective. 
Autism groups have become one of the social problems that can’t be ignored. The organizers hope that the forum will call on the community to give more attention, understanding and love to autism groups.