SSCLF calls for public concern over the grim reality of children's health revealed by Public welfare project
The project of "Healthy children achieve a better future" summary and cross-border cooperation in the promotion of children's health initiative seminar, co-sponsored by SSCLF and Shanghai Eugenics Association (Shanghai Association of Maternal and Child Health Care) was held at the Astor House Hotel on the morning of June 27, 2017. More than 100 people including government officials, experts and scholars in the field of children's health care, preschool teachers, business representatives and caring people attended the seminar on how to set up a cooperation platform and more efficiently solve the problem of children health care, and improve the long-term health quality of China's population. Adhering to Soong Ching Ling’s public welfare idea -- "Give the most precious things to children", SSCLF has launched an initiative to promote children's health, calling on the whole society to work together to develop children's healthy living habits, and protect children’s health throughout their lives in a more innovative and efficient way.
"Healthy children achieve a better future" is a strategic public welfare project, launched by SSCLF – Safety for Mothers and Infants Public Welfare Fund in 2015. And the project has also received financial support from the Deerfield Foundation. The project’s first phase of the children's oral and eye care officially was initiated in May 2016. Led by Shanghai Eugenics Association, a number of childcare institutions spent a whole year to carry out two refractive screening and fluoride coating of deciduous teeth for more than 10,000 children aged 3 to 6 in 54 kindergartens of nine communities in Pudong New District. Survey data shows that checked children's visual abnormality rate accounts for more than 11.8%, and the incidence of caries more than 58.82%. The project also conducted an empirical study on oral and visual status of 3,000 children and related factors, set up the intervention group and control group, to evaluate the actual effect of intervention in scientific and rigorous methods, to explore the best way to improve the children’s health. The implementation of the project has accumulated a large amount of data, provides empirical evidence and solutions for the government to promote the effect of related public health policies, and a classic blueprint for the pilot transformation in the field of child health care. The project compiled “a reading book for parents and teachers to care their children’s eyes and teethes" according to the actual situation of children's health, and the first printed 9,000 copies have been given to more than 2000 kindergartens in Shanghai.
At the seminar, Shanghai Children's Hospital president Yu Guangjun made a keynote speech - "The transformation and development of children’s medical service based on the larger context of children health”, and Shanghai Children's Medical Center party secretary,  Shanghai Eugenics Association vice president Jiang Fan also made a keynote speech - "Early childhood development -- international vision and Shanghai practice".   SSCLF- Safety for Mothers and Infants Fund secretary general Hao Ting expressed in an interview that the Fund would continue to support the child healthcare related public welfare projects. SSCLF’s deputy secretary general Yang Ye together with government officials, experts and scholars, and business representatives discussed the innovative ways of promoting children’s health care work from many perspectives. On behalf of SSCLF, Yang Ye made a proposal to the whole society: In view of the fact that social development is not synchronized with the improvement of children's health service level and the increasingly complicated reality of children’s health problems, we should promote the establishment of universal awareness of "caring for children, educating children, setting an example for children and doing practical things for children", and work hand in hand and with cross-border cooperation to jointly undertake the social responsibility for ensuring the healthy growth of children physically and mentally.