Volunteers’ selection for teaching support project finals held in Shanghai
Founded jointly by SSCLF - BEA Public Welfare Fund and First Financial, 2017 “Public Welfare Matching – Supporting a piece of the sky" long term teaching support project volunteers selection Finals was successfully held in Shanghai on July 6. "Supporting a piece of the sky", a long-term teaching support project is an extension of “Public welfare matching” public service platform co - founded by the two sides last year. In addition to full funding for the volunteers to complete a one-year program, the project will also provide them full support of special training, teaching tutoring, public dream capital and future occupation opportunities.
BEA Executive Director and President Lin Zhimin, Shanghai First Financial Media Co., Ltd. CEO Zhou Jiangong, SSCLF Deputy Secretary General Yang Ye, Fudan High School Vice Principal Xia Xiaojuan, Chengdu Green Leaves Public Development Promotion Center Director and Secretary General Zhang Yang and other senior experts in the field formed the professional judging panel of the Finals activities to conduct a comprehensive study and inspection of the volunteers from six dimensions of their quality, values, communication skills, learning ability, leadership and stress tolerance ability. After a series of screening, the 16 volunteers entered the finals and they fully displayed their intelligence and talent in the speech, quick answer, "stress test" and other links. Experts asked questions at the scene, testing the volunteers’ spot responses and resisting compression ability. The eight volunteers had the honor to win the excellent prize and became the members of the 2017 “public welfare matching - supporting a piece of the sky” long –term teaching supporting project, and the remaining volunteers won the prize of love.