The East Asian Bank commonweal Fund was founded by the Shanghai Soong Ching Ling Foundation and East Asia China in November 2009. The fund aims to care for and help young people in poor areas to grow in education. Three major projects funded by the Fund are: 1 Firefly program, 2 East Asian Bank Scholarship Program, and 3 civil society charitable organization subsidy scheme. By the end of 2014, its "Firefly project" has donated 39 "Firefly Paradise" in the country, donated 25,000 "Firefly 60 Packages" to needy students, provided volunteers with more than 410 hours of training, and trained village teachers 328; In addition, the "Bank of East Asian University student Scholarship Program" funded Fudan University, Zhongshan University , Jinan University, Shenzhen Institute of Tourism, Shenzhen Vocational and Technical College, nearly hundred poor outstanding college students to complete their studies. The Bank of East Asia's public Welfare Fund also launched the "nongovernmental Public Welfare Organization funding Program", which provides RMB 1 million per year, and seeks out excellent civil-service organization projects in the whole society, and provides financial support to help push its landing to reach more people.