Sixth session of "the Future of the City": Seminar on education policies for migrant children
Supported by SSCLF-Lu Jiaxian and Gao Wenying Special Fund, sponsored by Population Mobility and Labor Market Research Center, Institute for Advanced Research of the Shanghai University of Finance and Economics, the sixth session of "The Future of the City: Seminar on education policies for migrant children and school Principals Forum" was held at The Shanghai University of Finance and Economics on December 24, 2017. The seminar focused on five themes: “Migrant children's education: new situation, new challenges and new development”; "Migrant children's education: policy, society, family and school roles"; "Migrant children and leftover children: the influencing factors of children's education"; "the perspective of the frontline education workers" and "the perspective of public welfare organizations". Attended the seminar were experts and scholars from well-known universities and research institutions, representatives from the professional committee of education for children of migrant workers, Shanghai Private Primary and Secondary Schools Association and educational circle, as well as representatives from a number of public welfare organizations.
The University’s Economics College and the Institute of Advanced Research president Mr. Tian Guoqiang stressed in his speech that entering a new era, the main contradiction of society has been transformed into the contradiction between the people's growing needs for good life and imbalanced and inadequate development. Among them, the education of children is a prominent problem. Education is the most fundamental cornerstone of a country, it is related to the great cause of the rejuvenation of the Chinese nation and also related to the stability of the immigrant population and society. Over the years, the Institute of Advanced Research has carried out a lot of work on the education research of the labor force, the left-behind children and the migrant children, and accumulated a lot of sample data and obtained some research results. He expressed sincere appreciation for the experts and scholars who had long participated in the study and for the principals of the schools for children of migrant workers who participated in the forum, and he hoped that more and more people would care about education, migrant children and schools for the children of migrant workers.
"The Future of the City: the Seminar on education policy for migrant children and the principal forum" has been held for six years since 2011. This year's meeting in particular increased the public welfare organization discussion, hoping that through joint efforts of the government departments, research workers, front-line educators and public welfare organizers, we can contribute ideas and exert efforts to the problem of migrant children, and contribute wisdom to the future of the city.