SSCLF overseas directors' activities in Shanghai
During the annual board of directors meeting of the Shanghai Soong Ching Ling Foundation, some overseas directors participated in some other activities.
On the morning of April 23, some overseas directors visited the Shanghai Soong Ching Ling Foundation Exhibition held at Yi Yuan Tang Art Gallery. The public welfare themed exhibition, through pictures and text, combs and shows the achievement the SSCLF has made in children’s education and culture, maternity and child healthcare, precise poverty relief and sustainable development fields, its history of 32 years, and outlook on the future development. After the visit, all of them attended the tea party at Yi Yuan Tang. The foundation’s leaders and new and old friends from afar gathered together drinking tea, renewing friendship and sharing public welfare experience. The Shanghai snacks carefully selected by the host reminded some Shanghai guests of their homesickness, and the host encourages them to eat more and bring the remaining home.
On the morning of April 24, overseas directors and guests visited China 3D Printing Cultural Museum located in Wisdom Bay Technological innovation Park, Baoshan district, Shanghai. This is the first museum taking additive manufacturing and 3d printing as theme in China and even in the globe, collecting around nearly a thousand of applied achievements of 3D printing technology in various industries. The museum sets up nine function areas, including Collections and Exhibition Hall, Theme Exhibition Hall, 3D Printing Materials Library, 3D Printing Research Center, Creative Lounge, Interactive Gallery, Theater and Gallery, 3D Rooftop Garden and 3D Children’s Playroom. In addition, the museum has multiple functions of historical culture education and cultural experience. Overseas directors are interested in 3D printing technology and constantly ask the narrator all kinds of questions. At the end of the tour, when sipping the coffee served by the museum, the photo taken by the staff for each person was printed on the coffee milk foam. It was amazing, many people were reluctant to drink “himself” and took picture holding the coffee with his own image.