Jia Public Welfare Fund holds a charity bazaar for Tibetan patient children
"A charity bazaar letting the world full of love" was held in the Bailian central shopping square on May 5, 2018. A large quantity of goods was donated for the charity sale by Bailian Central Chinese Communist League Committee, Cheyuan love service, Shanghai Life Insurance, Shanghai Meijiawu Tea Co., Ltd., Jingan Foreign Language Primary School, Grand Light Cinema and Xinhua media. A total of more than 10,000 yuan was raised at the bazaar, which will be used to help two patient children from the orphan school in the southern Gansu Tibetan area to receive the treatment in Shanghai.
The charity bazaar of the day was mainly charity sale, and at the same time it was interspersed with lectures, a photo exhibition and performances. More than 50 children from Jingan Foreign Language Primary School not only donated books, toys and stationery but also showed their talent to attract customers. Zhu Biao, just returned from the Antarctic Expedition, also appeared on the spot to share with participants the interesting things in the basic necessities of life during the Antarctic scientific exploration. The colorful public welfare market attracts many citizens and their children, and the seemingly small amount of transactions has condensed the loving hearts of the people.
1 小小营业员_调整大小.jpg

Young shop assistants


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So heavy


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Sales promotion


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11 回答北极科考队员的提问_调整大小.jpg

Answer the questions from Antarctic scientific exploration team member


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Group photo of volunteers