BEA Public Welfare Fund and the Spanish Commercial Bank Foundation continue to promote "Firefly Paradise Development Program"
SSCLF – BEA Public Welfare Fund and Spain Commercial Bank Foundation (la Caixa Foundation) announced a new cooperation agreement, a second phase of three-year "Fireflies Paradise Development Program" on May 11, 2018. 
The second phase of the development program will set up 12 new firefly paradises in the next three years and focus on improving the overall quality of rural teachers. The development program also includes recruiting outstanding teachers, and arrange them to remote rural schools for one - year teaching. In addition to pay the expense of related teachers for one year, it would also provide support including training and teaching, and teachers' employment assistance after the contract.
In addition, the development program will provide necessities of life, including water heater, quilts in accordance with the school's situation.
Dr. Li Guobao, chairman of Bank of East Asia (China) LTD. said, "Three institutions agree to continue to work together to improve the children learning environment in remote areas of China. We are delighted to see the children can use the computer for the first time, on a cold day they can use hot water. We feel this program meaningful to improve the learning environment for the rural students, and make them benefit a lot."
"La Caixa Foundation is happy to continue to support the firefly development program to improve the environment for children in remote areas", said Mr. Fan Lixian, chairman of La Caixa Foundation.
From left to right: Mr. Fan Lixian, chairman of La Caixa foundation, Mr. Jia Yong, SSCLF’s director and acting secretary general and Dr. Li Guobao, chairman of BEA (China).
In 2009, the Shanghai Soong Ching Ling Foundation and Bank of East Asia (China) jointly established BEA Public Welfare Fund, which is committed to providing better education conditions for the children of schools in remote areas. In 2015, BEA Public Welfare Fund launched the first phase of "Firefly Paradise Development Program" with La Caixa Foundation. The two sides jointly funded 18 firefly paradises in this stage of cooperation. Up to now, BEA Public Welfare Fund has set up 76 firefly paradises in 25 provinces and cities in China.
What is firefly paradise?
The firefly paradise refers to the establishment of the classroom with electronic teaching facilities such as library, desks and chairs, computers and network, and the construction cost is about 200,000 yuan.