An art exhibition themed "Big hands holding small hands, the old house showing new appearance" opens at the CWI Children’s Palace

On December 1, SSCLF’s art exhibition with the theme of "Big hands holding small hands, the old house presenting new appearance" opened at the little companion gallery on the second floor of the marble building of China Welfare Institute Children's Palace. The exhibition displayed 15 professional artists’ paintings and 27 children’s paintings.


At the exhibition, there are various types of paintings such as comics, watercolor, prints, oil pastels, etc. The paintings from different angles show the architectural style and decoration of the Former Residence of Soong’s Family - Shanghai Soong Ching Ling Foundation's current workplace. The British-style villa seems to have a unique atmosphere in the four seasons and in the twilight. The paintings that described indoor scene are full of vintage feeling leading viewers associate the residents who lived in this villa a century ago.


Before the exhibition, SSCLF invited little artists to visit the 110-year-old British Country Villa to learn the story about the nursery founded by Soong Ching Ling at the Former Residence of Soong’s Family, and the public welfare projects initiated and implemented by SSCLF for the past 30 years. The professional painters, including Chen Xidan, Wu Guoqiang, Zhang Anpo, Hong Niuyi, Zheng Xiyao, Zhou Jiahua, Xi Sai, Chen Weizhong and Liang Gang took part in the paining creation as well. They also went to the children's palace on November 25 to work as advisors and gave the children suggestions, and they were amazed at children's drawing talents.