Mooncakes are donated to China Welfare Institute Nursing Home with love and care

The Mid-Autumn Festival is around the corner. On September 16, carrying the love of the donors, the staff of Shanghai Soong Ching Ling Foundation delivered 440 boxes of roughage mooncakes to China Welfare Institute Nursing Home. The roughage mooncakes were donated by Mr. Yao Xiaofeng, SSCLF’s honorary director.


China Welfare Institute Nursing Home currently provides basic nursing care, medical rehabilitation, scientific diet and other services for over 270 elderly people. Through Mr. Yao Xiaofeng’s introduction, Mr. Li Jianguo, founder and CEO of Shanghai Bangbang Robotics Co., Ltd. also brought health products helping the elderly for a live demonstration, hoping that the elderly could enter a healthy life with the assistance of intelligent technology. After the demonstration, Mr. Li expressed his intention to make donation.


Mr. Zhang Houye, Deputy Secretary General of SSCLF, attended the donation ceremony and showed his gratitude to the caring people and enterprises for their kindness.