What can we offer the children today? Our answers in 2022
The launch ceremony of SSCLF’s public welfare publicity video What can we offer the children? - Our answers in 2022 was held on the morning of January 17, 2022.  Jiang Liang, Vice Chairman of China Welfare Institute and SSCLF’s Chairman, attended the ceremony. Also present at this event were experts in aesthetic education, moral education, literature, music and other fields.
Mme. Soong Ching Ling once said, "We should give our most precious things to the children". Attaching great importance to children is a symbol of the progress of a country and its social civilization, in the context of giving full play to the role of the third distribution and developing public welfare undertakings. Letting children grow up healthily and happily is the greatest wish and expectation of every family, and is the fundamental and enabling to our country on its journey to become strong and prosperous. What is the most precious thing we can offer the children today? We need to engage the general public and urge the whole society to offer answers with love and responsibility.
In accordance with the characteristics of the times and its own work, Shanghai Soong Ching Ling Foundation will take What can we offer our children today? as the theme and solicit answers from the wide public through important children-related festive occasions such as International Children's Day and World Children's Day. The activity will last until the end of 2022.
At the release ceremony, Jin Wei, host from Oriental TV, Zhao Lihong, writer, Zhang Weidong, calligrapher, Feng Lirong, national teaching and educating model and Wang Zhida, singer participated in the panel discussion. From different perspectives, such as how to educate the public on love, how to enhance people's aesthetic appreciation and pursuit of beauty, etc., the panel sent out proposals to the whole society to gather wisdom, make suggestions, broaden true knowledge, and discuss the future.
Jiang Liang, Vice Chairman of China Welfare Institute and SSCLF’s Chairman; Miao Xiaobao, SSCLF’s Chairman of the Board of Supervisors; Wang Weixian, SSCLF’s Director; Qin Wenjun, Vice Chairman of Shanghai Writers Association, Initiator of "SSCLF’s Qin Wenjun Public Welfare Special Fund for Children's Wisdom Reading and Writing", and Li Du, Chairman of Shanghai Tuojia Education Technology Co., LTD., Initiator of "SSCLF’s Jiajing Public Welfare Special Fund", jointly revealed and launched SSCLF’s public welfare publicity video.